About Us

The desired figure is examined by Çelik Dizayn technical office and after the necessary arrangements are made, it is turned into a profile mold in the mold shop within our own structure. With the mold prepared, the desired alloy, thermal, surface and mechanical processes according to the profile production is made ready for delivery.

Innovative, dynamic, efficient, reliable team spirit understanding with our strong technical staff; quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction without compromising the principles of world standards at optimal prices and creating as much employment as possible, we provide services to our environment.

In order to increase customer satisfaction, in order to meet the current and future expectations of our customers, we are renewing ourselves according to technological developments with a team spirit in which all our employees take an active role; we work unceasingly for the development of our valued customers and our region.

Our company aims to fully meet customer expectations, real profit to its partners, balances supplier relations, informs and empowers its employees, aims to continuously improve the processes with team work and current trainings, fulfills its social responsibilities by fulfilling its social responsibilities and respects its social responsibilities. quality, timely and error-free to offer is our quality policy.

To meet customer expectations at all times, on time and in full; respectful to the environment, aesthetic and functional aspects of customer satisfaction at the highest level to provide service. Trust, customer satisfaction, quality, speed and stability principles, ethical values, customer-oriented solutions, giving importance to being a socially responsible company and to provide customer satisfaction.